My Story

Con owner/manager of Villa Nardis

Art, Music, Peace and quiet…as I state in my journey is what saved my life!

When you stay at the Villa Nardis you will feel inspired to make art, music and have a restful stay.

The villa has been decorated with a renaissance touch, mosaics, wire sculptures and paintings esquire this unique place in the beautiful hills of Maryvale Queensland

Also Bruce Shields has done one of the paintings inside, it is one of Conz favorites!  Thanks Janelle, it was your favorite also!

Check him out as he is a Maryvale Local but travels a lot in the name of Art!  AMAZING thank you Brucex.

Conz, well she loves to write songs, sew, cook and sculpt.  Conz has started a Web Design and Drone Business and is travelling the outback at present helping communities get online.

My Work

This is a sculpture that I created this year 2019, of wire roses on my front gate.  I gave myself some wire roses for Valentines Day!

Absolutely loved making these wire roses.

I then decided to brighten them up with some fairy lights.  You can’t go past this sculpture in the evening as they light up like a beautiful bunch of roses that lights up your eyes and heart!


Below is a satellite dish…you have to come and stay at Villa Nardis to see what I mean!

My Journey

Well, I lost everything in Victoria, art and sculpture are what saved me.  I created The Birds Nest in Rye Victoria and through an injury nearly lost everything, it was my passion for art and sculpture that brought the new owner through my doors.

I will never forget that day it was the last day of the year and I was ready to lose the lot. Suzanne called in, said my place looked better than the pictures and  what would be my lowest price, on a handshake she said “I have a bottle of champagne in the car to celebrate with and I’ll put the deposit in right now!”

The rest is history as they say! Then began the journey of  Villa Nardis

Music Art and Peace and Quiet can save your life it did mine